Lecture Account How To Create

At the peak of the internet and the information age, people quickly communicate in the current time zone, and it’s been a great effort to be quicker and faster than ever to your business. DEVELOPING INNOVATION in this area as it has more features than the last and every day is available to users. A new one is a Gmail account which most of them are now the most preferred communication tool.

To create a Gmail account, first go to the site and relevant button on the page that opens you need to click on create an account now. In front of you on the page that opens on clicking that you need to enter some information to create a Gmail account you will be asked for. Complete the information requested about you here, you must enter it as true. At this point, the important point is that the information you entered at this stage will determine in a way that you can remember later. Maybe this information only in terms of where you could reach your own, then you will benefit you remember to keep typing. This information is the information that enables you to create a Gmail. Primarily existing e-mail box will pop up that prompts you to enter your address here your e-mail address you must enter. The next step you will be prompted to select a password. Here you must enter a password that you will determine. After entering your password, the system will have a sub-will ask you to enter your password again in the boxes. In the previous line you specified. you must enter the same password. The important point here is that the passwords must be identical. You should keep an eye on changes in such as case. The location information is entered, the picture in the word verification section, you must enter the characters you see in the desired area to be the same. You are being brought to the final stage of creating Gmail. If you see the above after checking your account information you can make changes if necessary.
Then review the terms of service. I accept, click on the button to create My Account, you agree to accept the Privacy Policy and terms of service. Thus, you’ve created a Gmail account. After that, anytime you can access this account that you have created. When logging in you use your password for your email address and the password that you choose, you need to remember. You’ve been a Gmail user now. Gmail to offer you all kinds of services, you will be able to use it for free. Exchange data with your loved ones, you can store your files and documents safely.