Your Gmail login sign in Inbox

Google is continuously involved in our lives by renewing its free Gmail email service offers convenience to users versions. After the latest updates to your inbox screen of your Gmail e-mails with your Gmail login and they can more easily be edited in order for it to be parsed has been added to the designations. Arrange your mails in your inbox thanks to these markings in order of importance, urgent need to be answered mark, what you should bear in mind the issues or you can easily follow your work. Your login for Gmail in your inbox once you have marked your messages in order of importance markups in order to determine the different types, you can use ta again by making markings in different colors. If you use the yellow color of this sign is the message that is important if you use the one marked as blank, indicating that the message is junk.

Except for the markings that you made in Gmail your mail out of your inbox depending on the intensity of marking according to importance ranking. For example, if you regularly ayse e-mail from Susan if you are sending e-mail to you in importance. You constantly open your e-mails, missed emails from is more important. Sports-related messages regularly if you’re reading, the next message will be of importance to you about sports, etc. follow the markings in your inbox thanks to Gmail that you are forced to your invoices ,account statements, receipts, without interrupting your can easily parse.

The messages in your inbox automatically, depending on your preference can be categorized with the following sign

Primary:The other tabs invisible messages with all other messages from friends and family.

Promotions:Other promotional offers and e-mails.

Social:Social networks, media-sharing sites, online matchmaking Services, Web sites and other social gaming platform from incoming messages.

Updates:Confirmations, receipts, invoices, and account statements, such as notifications.

Forums:Online groups, discussion boards, and messages from mailing lists.

Thanks to these signs that Gmail has done, has provided great convenience and comfort to users. In a particularly intense way via e-mail to users who have been following their work k in this way, you are able to follow main based on their importance quickly and the results are binding. Day-to-day self-improvement and renewing the network is expanding every day Gmail user.